Hey there

I'm Prue

The good ol’ about me page! I much prefer to tell stories with photographs (so check out a snippet of my daily life to the left there) …anyway here goes!

A little bit about me… and why I’m a photographer? I’m a sucker for love. I think that is why I was drawn to wedding photography. I feel incredibly blessed to witness the love between two people and also from the family and friends of a couple. Seriously it just doesn’t feel like work when you hang with the nicest people on their greatest of days! 

I don’t have one of those stories about my grandfather’s father handed down the art of photography or anything cool like that. It's as simple as one day I picked up a camera and taught myself the basics, now twelve years on and I’ve been a full time pro photographer for the last 10 years. Proved that grade 10 art teacher wrong when he gave me a D- and said I would never have a creative career in my life! BOOM!

If you're more into the dot point thing… check out my top five! 

I’m a wife and a mama. 

I’m fuelled by coffee, all the coffee.

When I don’t share my weekends with my clients I adventure with my little fam bam of three!

Beach addict but equally love the mountains. 

...and breaky dates are my fav!

But honestly if your feeling my photography vibe and just want someone fun to hang with on your wedding day, lets catch up for a coffee (gotta stay fuelled remember) or a cocktail and you can really find out more about me! I'm really laid back and fun, despite being hopped up on caffeine!